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Thinker on Stage Nietzsche’s Materialism A study of Nietzsche’s first published work which offers an abundance of fresh insights into both Nietzsche and modernity. Eisner, Elliot W. (1988) The role of Discipline-Based Art Education in American Schools, Los Angeles: Paul Getty Trust. In other words, Aristotle answers the Socrates of Ion in the way Ion himself should have answered. It is true that few remains of encampments or artifacts from the Exodus era have been discovered archaeologically in the Sinai, but a nomadic, tribal migration would hardly leave behind permanent stone foundations of imposing buildings en route.

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What we have said about the return of irony to myth in tragic modes thus holds equally well for comic ones , e.g. Now to be poetic, or realistic, or striking, or interesting is not to produce art. The separation of the art of the upper classes from universal art has meant that the counterfeit has driven out the true. /The conditions of modern society cooperate to produce the false, Artists have become professionals because they earn consider- able sums of money by this activity , source: The New Testament refers to the Mosaic law in various ways: the law ( Matthew 5:17; Romans 2:12; etc.); the law of Moses ( Luke 2:22; 24:44; Acts 28:23 ); the book of Moses ( Mark 12:26 ); or simply, Moses ( Luke 24:2; Acts 15:21 ) Feminist theory - concerns itself with the representation in literature of "masculine" and "feminine", and with the social and cultural implications of these representations. A feminist critic examines a text for themes about gender and sex, including gender and sex roles, ideals of masculinity and femininity, and rebellion against or acceptance of these ideals and roles. Marxist theory - argues that language can be a tool by which members of one class can hold power over others After lengthy discussions of Kant and Hegel, Habib devotes chapters to the discussion of Romanticism on the European continent and in England and America, Realism and Naturalism, Symbolism and Aestheticism, a group he calls "The Heterological Thinkers" that includes Schopenhauer, Bergson, Nietzsche, and Arnold who generally elevated the claims of emotion over the force of reason. He completes his survey of influential nineteenth century thinkers with a discussion of the world view of Karl Marx, and the literary critics and aestheticians who made use of his theories , source:

In doing so, it frequently shows these truisms to have the quality of mystifications or "myths," claims possessing a "false clarity" and that are misleading in developing and justifying research plans and priorities , source: The myth critic is concerned to seek out those mysterious elements that inform certain literary works and that elicit, with almost uncanny force, dramatic and universal human reactions. The myth critic wishes to discover how certain works of literature, usually those that have become, or promise to become, "classics," image a kind of reality to which readers give perennial response--while other works, seemingly as well constructed, and even some forms of reality, leave them cold ref.: But we can say, on the one hand, that inasmuch as they refused to recognize the Bible as a direct revelation from God, they were free to form hypotheses ad libitum. And, on the other hand, as they denied the supernatural, the animus that animated them in the construction of the hypotheses was the desire to construct a theory that would explain away the supernatural , cited:
The phases of tragedy move from the heroic to the ironic, the first three corresponding to the first three phases of romance, the last three to the last three of irony ref.: It also achieves it in the magic of moments that mobilise specifically cinematic and musical qualities. The first occurs as the climax of one long take, beginning with Guido entering the ring, then the musicians coming on, Guido picking up a megaphone to direct operations; they march past a bandstand and a high white curtain; the little boy marches towards the curtain which, on Guido’s command, parts to reveal people from earlier in the film walking down a long flight of steps (suggesting a 62 FILM MOMENTS variety stage finale) Most educated men of his time wrote in Latin and felt that the vernacular was not suitable for their purposes. Could the vulgar tongue be made good enough to compete with Latin? There were merely dialects, each of which differed from the other not only in pronunciation but in vocabulary. Dante realized that no one dialect would do. An illustrious vernacular had to be constructed , cited: Cities are more alien to the pastoral and rural spirit of this world, and the tower and the castle, with an occasional cottage or hermitage, are the chief images of habitation. Water symbolism features [152] chiefly fountains and pools, fertilizing rains, and an occasional stream separating a man from a woman and so preserving the chastity of each, like the river of Lethe in Dante Here we need again to distinguish between first- and second-order forms of deliberation, where the latter develops in order to accommodate an emergent public with new perspectives and interests , source: In the new mode the fondness for the small closely-knit group, the sense of the esoteric, and the nostalgia for the aristocratic that has produced such very different phenomena as the royalism of Eliot, the fascism of Pound, and the cult of chivalry in Yeats, are all in a way part of a reversion to high mimetic standards read pdf.
Aristotle classifies various forms of art with the help of object, medium and manner of their imitation of life: • OBJECT: (Which object is imitated? Life of great people or mean people is imitated? This will make that work Tragedy/Epic or Comedy/Satire) • David Daiches writes explaining the classification of poetry according to the aspect of life and the kinds of characters that are represented or imitated: “We can classify poetry according to the kinds of people it represents – they are either better than they are in real life, or worse, or the same. • One could present characters, that is, on the grand or heroic scale; or could treat ironically or humorously the petty follies of men; or one could aim at naturalism presenting men neither heightened nor trivialized … Tragedy deals with men on a heroic scale, men better than they are in every day life, whereas comedy deals with the more trivial aspect of human nature, with characters ‘worse’ than they are in real life.” • MEDIUM: (What sort of medium is used to imitate life , cited: read online? The same point could be made about taking existing democratic institutions as the proper model for democratization. To look only at the constraints of size in relation to a particular form of political community begs the question of whether or not there are alternative linkages between democracy and the public sphere that are not simply scaled up ref.: Salisbury surveys male-Cinderella narratives from those of Odysseus and Joseph to the Russian Korsbury-Popeljuh, or Dirty-Cinder Boy, and recent adaptations of the story in children’s books for boys. Salisbury focuses most espansively on medieval English male Cinderella romances, however, e.g., two thirteenth-century male Cinderella romances, King Horn and Havelok the Dane, and several subsequent metrical adaptations of the myth in Bevis of Hampton, Sir Torrent of Portugal, Tristram, Ipomedon, Sir Isumbras, Guy of Warwick, William of Palerne, Gamelyn, Percevale of Galles, Octavian, Libaeus Desconus, Eglamour, Sir Degare, Sir Gowther, and Malory’s Sir Gareth, La Cote Male Tayle, and Alexander the Orphan Hegemonies and Strategies of Transgression. Albany, NY: State U of New York P, 1995. _____. "On the Limits of 'Postcolonial' Theory: Trespassing Letters From the 'Third World'." Postcolonial Theory versus Philippine Reality: Regrounding the Diasporic Psyche in History and Praxis. Essays in the Dialectics of Praxis and Contradiction By literary theory we refer not to the meaning of a work of literature but to the theories that reveal what literature can mean Why does this tension cause us such unease?... more » “I’d like to be thought of as just another rookie,” George Plimpton told the Detroit Lions From structuralism to poststructuralism: text, power, minor literature, deconstruction 12. Poststructuralist deviations: mimicry, resignification, contrapuntal reading, the subaltern, Signifyin(g), hybridity

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